Why businesses love CarrotBox Rewards & Loyalty?

Quick to launch

Launching loyalty was never this easy. 5 mins to setup and ready to go live in less than an hour

Easy to use

Our wizards make it super easy to run a marketing campaign or make changes to your preset loyalty program

Guaranteed Returns

Measure performance and ROI of customer loyalty programs. Discover a proven way to grow business

Local network effect

Become part of a network of local businesses. Get new customers and trials, through discovery

Know customers better

Immediately start building a rich customer database and track your customer visits & spends

Why your customers will love the CarrotBox Rewards App

One app - Many loyalty programs

CarrotBox offers free rewards & loyalty points for many local businesses on a single app

Ease of use

No filling feedback forms or sharing mobile numbers every visit. Customers will love to join your loyalty program from anywhere, with a single button click

High awareness

Customers are more aware about their loyalty points and the reward benefits


Access to member only offers and rewards. You can now give special privileges to your loyalty program customers.

Our flexible rewards platform works with multiple business types

Tailor made customer loyalty programs for every business

Discover the smart way to grow your business

Join the fastest growing customer loyalty & rewards platform, with clients from Mumbai to Melbourne, Kuwait to Toronto.

CarrotBox is a complete customer engagement platform

A product that combines enterprise software grade features with the ease of use of consumer apps. Every feature is optional which means, you have complete control over your digital customer loyalty program

digital punch cards

Launch digital stamp or punch cards in our app. You can reward customers for visits or for spends

Loyalty points

Let you customer earn points for every $ spend and set easy to redeem offers against those points.


Launch beautiful marketing campaigns to engage with your customers. Measure everything to know what works and what doesn’t.


Run exclusive offers for loyal customers or use our cross promotion engine to get discovered by our network members

AI engine

Automate your marketing so that you can focus on running your business. Our AI engine decides the what offers should be sent to which customer & when.

Analytics & dashboards

Our products come with built-in business mobile apps and a back end console, so that you get all the information you need in one place

How does CarrotBox help you grow your business?

1. Attract new customers

With CarrotBox, you get discovered at the right time – When potential customers are considering “Where should they visit next?”

With an improved online and mobile footprint, you are sure to attract more customers

attract customers

2. Grow your existing customers

CarrotBox helps you get your customers “Hooked” so that shopping with you becomes a habit

With CarrotBox, you can launch habit forming reward programs with a few clicks, and move new customers to loyal ones

Grow customer spending

3. Reward your loyal customers

CarrotBox helps you reward your loyal VIP customers with the exclusive and personalised offers. 

Make your best customers happier than ever before, with CarrotBox

Reward customers

4. Retain customers at risk

CarrotBox identifies and segments customers at risk by analysing their purchase and app behaviour.

By recommending offers at the right time, CarrotBox will help you retain or bring back churning customers

Retain churn customers

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